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maybe improve if possible.
-Aim-bot should be improved I remember the good ole days when it was perfect now it just decides to aim past them.

-Smooth aim decides to point at the wall at random times and then you cant kill the enemy.

-Fast reload should be brought back it did work. Only sometimes it would client error but for the most part it was nice.

Thank you for taking time out of your day too read my ungrateful complaints.
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It's not a complaint. It's a suggestion/feedback. Wink

I'll let Dias coder know
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I'm waiting on Silent Aim.. xD I'll login if ur on rn Bread
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[Image: QMPSn1Z.png?1]

Thanks so much for your Feedback bud, fast reload is one of the features that cause errors a lot.
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You can tell us more suggestions when even you want, so we can improve the community! Smile
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