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    CrossFire Suggestions. SERIOUS CHEATING

    Hello guys, im gonna talk to you about the Crossfire cheat.

    1st Feature you should add:  SAVE/LOAD! A player should be able to SAVE/LOAD his features

    AND DONT MAKE THE CHEAT AUTO APPEAR! Only if the player Clicks "Insert" dont make the cheat appear on its own. Im playing a CF league and they have a custom anticheat that only takes "Screenshots"

    And this is useful if you want to play infront of friends or even live stream. this will make the cheat more stealthy!

    2nd Super kill: Its the BEST feature your cheat offers and actually the only that works properly, this is the only reason im gonna extend my premiumship all the time. BUT it would be better if you could add more "headshot" Ratio. what do i mean?

    If we aim the FEET = CHEST
    If we aim upperchest= HEAD

    Why? CF is a easy game to Headshot,if you play against Above average players you dont have the time to spray him down he gives you a 1tap. And it looks pretty fishy to aim 5 meters over the head to get headshots all the time.

    3rd TRIGGERBOT! I know this is a tough one, but your Triggerbot is not working. the bot shoots almost just when you have a enemy in SIGHT i mean, it shoots to randomly and NEVER on the enemy. (i could make a video about it it truly sucks)

    Make it HIT only when you have the crosshair at the enemy, not when your crosshair is 5 meters next to him.

    4th.Aimbot: Well, it aims at the head, i shoot but.. they dont die xD Idk why, it seems like its working but its not. the aimbot is pretty strange.

    My suggestion, REMOVE triggerbot and aimbot from your cheat untill you have it fixed. alteast for CF.. why? Cause people are gonna buy the cheat thinking that its working but then they might feel scammed.

    Like i said, SUPER KILL is the best feature and the only major feature that is working.

    You guys have a super team, i know its rly hard to make a aimbot/triggerbot for CF, because after 2013 all the aimbots/triggerbots are FAILS. I just hope that you keep working on it like im sure you are.

    Happy new year!
    Save and loading would be great to have. You could make it and save it then load it up and be done with it.
    i heard Super kill was great But i never played CF with these hacks(Yet) so i didn't experience the aimbot nor the triggerbots. But these suggestion will help the Coder to make the best CF hacks!

    I disagree with removing aimbot.
    It's not perfect, but it works fine.
    Sometimes when I spray someone, it takes a few seconds for them to die(seems like I'm not doing any damage).
    This is probably due to "No Recoil" and not the aimbot itself.
    I agreed with saving mode. I don't use aimbot at all. But what I do love is the fly and walk through wall hehe. Also I feel like sometimes the fast defuse and fast plant isn't really that fast. Idk
    (01-03-2017, 07:07 PM)akatsuki1423 Wrote: I disagree with removing aimbot.
    It's not perfect, but it works fine.
    Sometimes when I spray someone, it takes a few seconds for them to die(seems like I'm not doing any damage).
    This is probably due to "No Recoil" and not the aimbot itself.

    Most likely or just that maybe the aimbots doesn't register on the person well when he's moving to much therefore your missing a couple of shots. Saw that happening on other games aswell but its nothing very serious.
    1st feature: agreed

    2nd: super kill is a dope feature and it is the only feature I use, but it is not the only feature that work properly

    3rd: trigger bot does need some work and I already reported bugs to our coder

    4th: aim bot ( like trigger bot) is not perfect but it is working and not crappy at all.

    Overall, I do like your opinion and glad that you actually take your time off and contribute to improve our hack. Thank you so much
    [Image: cristiano-ronaldo-free-kick-goal.gif]

    thank you for the replies, i know that the aimbot is LOCKING on the enemys head just fine, its just that  i dont make any damage, i neeed to spray his head of with no recoil (atleast 10 bullets), i dont see how this is a "working feature". first of all, its really eye catching, if you play SD and someone is wathcing you, you will be busted in seconds.

    please dont take my words offensive, im not shiting on the dev or anything, the hack is extremly fun and im glad i bought it, im just saying that aimbot and triggerbot need a lot of work.
    No, your words are not offensive and I'm glad that you reported the bugs. Our coder already realized of this
    [Image: cristiano-ronaldo-free-kick-goal.gif]


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