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My Honest Review of the CA cheat
I only bought a 1 week sub of the CA:NA hack and I will say that it was a solid experience. Both the staff and the cheat where great,and all the staff are friendly and responsive. Now for what your here for the cheat review.

Aimbot : 7.5/10
Visuals : 9.5
Misc : 9/10
Menu : 10/10

Overall experience : 9.5/10

Aimbot gets a 7.5 because it is a nice aimbot but not enough legit settings for my taste though if your looking for something to get a lot of kills fast then this is for you the main thing that killed it for me was the smooth not being able to change it past 10.

Visuals are very nice and have a lot of variety but could use a little more customization.

Misc things like Tele-kill, no-recoil, Super Jump. They are all very nice and a lot of options though rapid fire seems to bug with knife

Menu get a 10 because its simple and has a nice design wont get lost with this one though as said before a little more customization goes a long way.

Staff get a 10 they are always on and very responsive and helpful when you have problems though please dont use their shoutbox for support their is a form for it here You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.

If you are looking for a UD combat arms cheat i recommend this 100%
[Image: DrNubZ_zpsmzbl7raq.jpg]
Thank you for Your Review! We really do appreciate it!
[Image: oiTeyC6.jpg]

I'll talk to Dias on the aimbot smooth aim settings
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[Image: bastion]
Thank you for the excellent review Smile
Gives us Feedback and what we can improve on Big Grin
Thanks for the review. 
Dias will check it asap. 

And thank you for buying our pack.
Thank you so much for your Feedback.
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