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Teamspeak and Discord
Every troll on teamspeak and discord will be banned permanently. If you paid for vip and decided to fuck around on our servers, thank you for your donation. This includes: Advertising, shouting on the mic for no reason, using a voice changer because you are gay or fucking transgender or a weeaboo.......or both, Using a megaphone on your mic, choking on a dick on your mic, chocking on a banana on your mic, committing suicide on your mic, Not using english after repeatedly told to type, screaming on a mic, being a replay unless you're singing Replay by Iyaz, throwing ddos threats, crying on teamspeak, shouting that I hack in overwatch, bitching about the public video  that was made earlier, begging me for free vip hacks, begging me for free trial, the list is too long but use your damn common sense.
Alll staff with ban powers have my permission to ban off any kids/trolls.
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Virtual Evolution a place that is home to thousands of players who wish to gain an advantage on others , not only are we one of the only hack websites around that is undetectable around on the market. We have an abundance of friendly staff who are willing to spend their time daily to make sure your experience here at Virtual Evolution is outstanding.

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