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  New Years = New updates = We need your help! :D
Posted by: Ninja66 - 12-27-2016, 01:41 PM - No Replies

2017 is almost here and it's gonna slap us and go

New Year means New Start means New Stuff means New stuff we gonna do means New Features! Big Grin

Virtual Evolution Members, WE NOW NEED YOUR HELP!

I mean, we want your input on our hacks:
-Combat Arms

Give us suggestions for new features.
Give us reports on bugs on some features.
Give us upgrade suggestions for new features.
Give us fixes you want.

Also, for our Dirty Bomb hacks, what kind of features would you want? Tongue

Please add your suggestions and reports here to the games correspondingly:
Click Here!


  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Posted by: Ninja66 - 12-25-2016, 03:41 PM - No Replies

Merry Christmas guys! Every since we started vip hacks back in July, we have grown so much both members and staff. We learned from mistakes and improved what we have done over time. We Virtual Evolution staff thank everyone for their support and continue to support us for many years to come! Big Grin

The Christmas event will continue until the first day of 2017, and a mystery winner will be chosen tonight to receive a month of ALL accept vip!

As for people that has yet to receive their giveaway, I will go to the next winner on the list.

CSGO hacks will be closed until further notice.

Dirty Bomb hacks will be released after the holidays due to Fenix being busy with the holidays. He's also going to do some proper buff and fixes with our Crossfire hacks both NA and EU! Basically Crossfire hacks will have some nice updates and upgrades Wink

CA hacks may have a couple new features, but we will be focusing on the features we already have such as aimbot and twerking something with the telekill.

Virtual Evolution have been providing awesome undetected cheats and will always continue to do so. Our staff will make sure of it.




  12 Days of Christmas Event
Posted by: Ninja66 - 12-15-2016, 12:59 AM - No Replies

The Holidays are coming! The New Year is around the corner!
You know what that means?

We will have 2 new additions to our hack list
- Counter Strike: Global Offensive
-Dirty Bomb

Wednesday was supposed to be the release day, but due to time zones between the coders, we are a bit behind schedule.

The first day: Wednesday, December 14th

Was supposed to be the release of the new hacks, but they will be released when they can soon.

The other days will be updated in our events thread:
Virtual Evolution\'s Events


Each day we will have a random giveaway.
(Also posted on our even thread)


  Let's talk about public hacks
Posted by: Ninja66 - 12-09-2016, 03:24 AM - No Replies

We already support Combat Arms public hacks.

making public hacks is difficult.

Ninja, it is sooo easy!:
Dude, it means we have to keep up with ALL vip hacks AND the public hacks. If we make public hacks for Crossfire, that is 3 extra public hacks (NA,EU,ES)

That's way too much work to keep up...
We have 6 hacks to work with and will have 8 hacks next week.
After the amount of time and effort on up keeping hacks, updating them, keeping them undetected, doing technical support, I STILL get bitched at for:
[Image: Yjp5TCu.png]
This is not the only one. I have so many pms, so many messages, so many "Can I have VIP trial?"
Elitepvpers became a place where people expect to get free hacks but end up finding hacks that are for vips only. If I keep getting this sort of thing JUST because we don't have public hacks for YOUR game that YOU want to play, I might as well just make all our public hacks offline. Remember that public hacks is up to the coders, if they do not want to support public hacks, they wont. Do not bother them. Do not even dare to bitch at us about it either. Combat Arms public will stay online until further notice.

"I got banned with public hacks!"
Either you had fun telekilling or had fun rage hacking

"If CA public hacks detected, what will you do?"
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Buy vip for undetected cheats. We will update the public hacks, but not for detections.

Our public hacks were never meant to be tested for detections. They are only meant to show off features (honestly we only left esp and blatant aimbot)

"I want aimbot"
There you go.

"I want better aimbot"
Buy vip for the full aimbot features.

"Public features are shitty"
It's meant to be that way. Buy vip for full features.

"Can I have vip trial?"
No, we have public.

"I do not want to spend money"
I don't want to spend money on our site too. Too bad I have to.

Please be appreciative. We are the only hack site with undetected CA and CF cheats. We will have incoming Dirty Bomb and CS:GO cheats as well.
Virtual Evolution works hard on our services and our coder works that much harder on keeping our hacks updated and undetected.

It ticks us off when people complain about public hacks when we made them online after complaints on not having public hacks.

Combat Arms public will stay online until further notice.
We will not have Crossfire public hacks.
You want to cry? We have free tissues.




  Virtual Evolution Announcements: 12/7/16
Posted by: Ninja66 - 12-07-2016, 07:02 PM - No Replies

The Holidays are coming! The New Year is around the corner!
You know what that means?

Christmas Events! (Details will be posted later)

We will have 2 new additions to our hack list
- Counter Strike: Global Offensive
-Dirty Bomb

Features list for them will be released soon, so keep an eye on that.

Fenix will be returning as our lovely cute coder as always. He will attend to our Dirty Bomb hacks and help out with Crossfire hacks. A new coder will be joining our ranks to be our CS:GO coder:

That's all I can remember atm.

Big Grin


  Virtual Evolution Official Code of Conduct
Posted by: Abstrect - 12-03-2016, 11:39 PM - No Replies

Virtual Evolution Code of Conduct
1. Leaking / Ripping / Stealing / Unauthorized use of Code/Sources

  • You are not allowed to leak or share the programs you have purchased.
  • You are allowed to sell sources/codes and scripts under certain conditions.
2. Posting
  • No posting/shouts about competing software.
  • No posting/shouts about pornographic material.
  • No posting/shouts about competing sites.
  • No advertising services that are not approved on the forum. This includes posts / signatures / forum name.
  • Feel free to ask one of our moderators if you have any questions: Moderation Team
  • You're not allowed to nominate new Staff members (Administrators, Coders, Super Moderators, Tech, Moderators, Spammers, and GFX)
  • Do not post gore/death/disgusting media, unless it's in an General Discussion thread. Even if it is in such a thread, we reserve the right to it at our own discretion.
  • No begging / hunting for rep. Your posts will be removed if you do this.
  • No asking for boosting. We do not allow new boosters on this website.
  • No new threads regarding Anti-Cheat or Banwaves are allowed, Unless in our Ban Reports Area.
  • No donations in posts, must be in a signature with a spoiler.
  • All rules in this section(posting) works for the shout box too.
  • Do not type or post topic titles in all CAPS. Typing in all caps is considered yelling, so please void posting in all caps regardless if it is in a thread title or not. Posts with this content will be modified and/or removed.
3. Spamming
  • Spamming is characterized by posting questions that have been answered over and over again. (i.e: Hack's not working! Please update!)
  • Spamming is characterized by posting useless things that don't belong to the thread.
  • Spamming is characterized by posting threads in the wrong sub forum.
  • Exceptions in the off-topic area.
4. Insulting
  • Don't insult other people in the shout box/forums/profile.
  • Don't down talk to staff when they tell you to do something.
  • We don't Expose anyone Regard less of the game this can result to suspension of Hack Privledges.
5. Signature / Avatar / Pictures
  • Don't abuse anyone with your signature/avatar or pictures.
  • Try to keep your signature as short as possible.
6. Respect the authority of Moderators and Administrators.
  • Don't complain about Administrators, Coders, Super Moderators, Tech, Moderators, Spammers, and GFX in the shout box or forums.
  • If you have questions for what reason your thread/post was closed/moved/deleted feel free to contact a moderator: Moderation Team
  • No ban request. Do not make a new account and request why you were banned from the shout box, forums etc. Instead Use our Ban Appeals Section.
7. Sale Threads (boosting, Refferals,..)
  • sales threads are to be published on the forum Unless its in the marketplace and has been Approved.
  • Sales threads may only be in the User's Marketplace.
8. Shout box
  • Don't ask for updates,
  • Virtual Evolution is an international community, keep your shouts english.
  • Don't witch hunt.
  • Don't post pictures or videos directly use the spoiler.
  • Trolling/Scaring people about VAC and the hack's status or its future will get you instant banned.
  • You're not allowed to request HWID request in the shoutbox.Make a HWID Request Thread.
9. Punishment
  • Punishment varies on the degree of severity of the rule you have broken
  • Punishment can range from verbal warning to permanent ban
  • Punishment levels: verbal warning, written warning, post privileges removed, status removed, permabanned)
·         You cannot say or do something that is offensive towards other members of Virtual Evolution. This also includes discriminating a member in any way possible (e.g: gender, race, religion, sexual preference...)
·         At Virtual Evolution we show our mutual respect. Posting any personal information of a member with or without their permission, is not tolerated. If they would like to share something personal, they're free to do it themselves.
·         Remember that (threatening to) DDos' ing any member of the Forum or another community, will result in a ban.
11.Uploading files
·         Uploading any files of all kind with viruses, rats or any other malicious content will result in an immediate ban.
·         All uploads must include a virus scan.
·         There is no link to be posted on the forum or shout box to another website, hack or community. Doing so may lead to a ban.
13.Forum account
·         You may only have one Forum account, making multiple forum accounts will get either all but one banned or all of them.
·         Sharing your forum account is not tolerated either. This will lead to an immediate ban of the account.
·         If you're on a proxy/VPN and your IP is linked to a banned forum account, your account will also get banned. For your own safety, please use your own, home IP address.
·         Attempting to sell your forum account on the forum or outside of it, will result in an immediate ban of the account.
·         Whenever you break the rules, e.g: you advertised and got yourself banned, Virtual Evolution is not liable for a refund of any purchases you may have made.
·         Support is to be asked by making a thread in the according section. Do not ask for any support in the shout box or by PM' ing a Staff member.
·         Team viewing other members is strictly forbidden as only tech support and above may Unless overridden by an administrator approval.
·         Posting on an old thread is not tolerated without proper reason. An infraction may be given out when someone posts on a thread which hasn't been posted on for 2 weeks.
·         If you post any content which isn't yours but claim to be, will get you an infraction right of the bat. It is a federal offense and is not to be done in any sort of way here at Virtual Evolution.
19.Thread Creation
·         When making a thread is to be asked by to follow the enforced format/rules the according section. Everyone is expected to follow these rules and format
·         If you're caught trying to scam someone you will be immediately banned once the investigation has been completed, your ban may be lifted. You MUST follow our Format when selling/ Buying an Account. Attempting to sell your forum account on the forum or outside of it, will result in an immediate ban of the account. We Recommend a Middle man However, it is not Required unless requested by either party involved in the transaction.


  Our "new" Paypal Refund Policy! click bait included!
Posted by: Ninja66 - 11-30-2016, 11:24 AM - No Replies

Refund Policy
- Once charged to your credit card (Paypal) Or Other payment methods, the payments for the digital goods are nonrefundable and final. Any charge back’s or disputes from the purchaser’s credit card (Paypal) will result in your account being instantly disabled, permanently terminated and/or legal action will be taken.

Never before have I seen so much "refund me, hack no work" shit in our paypal resolution center. I have won them all simply because OUR HACKS AREN'T PACKAGES. THEY ARE NOT REAL LIFE ITEMS. MOREOVER, vips are buying SUBSCRIPTIONS that has ACCESS to the hacks, not the hacks themselves! This is completely STUPID! 90% of those Paypal disputes, 80% of those people DID NOT DOWNLOAD THE LOADER REQUIREMENTS!
^Loader requirements^

The other 20% remained banned.

What else? They never ATTEMPTED to make a support thread. Never have I done technical support IN PAYPAL. I will never do that again.

Because of this, there is a system in place that has been working well. It is simple.

If you attempt to refund/chargeback/dispute, the system will immediately remove the vip off the subscription and the money paid will be labeled as donation. This serves as punishment and the account that is linked to it will be BANNED! This is done because this is ridiculous! 


Yes, this is mean and strict, but remember that we work hard supporting our hacks and our coder, Dias, works even harder to keep out hacks updated and undetected.

Thank you for my rant


  Site Announcement 11/23/16
Posted by: Abstrect - 11-24-2016, 12:15 AM - No Replies

First of all, the wait is finally over! All Hacks Are Online, Except for Crossfire Public at this Current Moment.

Secondly, If you are Experiencing Issue's,You must Re download the Loader From Here

Third, Please Request a VIP Extension if you haven't done so already, Here

Lastly, Please Post a Support Thread Here, If you Require more Assistance


  11/20/16 Site Wide Announcement
Posted by: Abstrect - 11-20-2016, 10:03 PM - Replies (1)

First of all, the wait is finally over! Crossfire and Combat Arms hacks are now back online and fully tested as undetected! Private VIP Need to Contact Ninja On Skype! Smile

Secondly, You must Re download the Loader From Here

Lastly, We Appreciate your Patience  in Our New Hosting Transition and Please Request a VIP Extension Here


  Virtual Evolution [UNDETECTED_24/7] Combat Arms NA/EU Global Hacks 2016-2017 (Newer)
Posted by: Ninja66 - 11-17-2016, 11:56 PM - No Replies


  Virtual Evolution Video Reversed
Posted by: Ninja66 - 11-17-2016, 11:53 PM - No Replies


  Virtual Evolution: Combat Arms NA/EU Global Hacks 2016-2017 (Older video)
Posted by: Ninja66 - 11-17-2016, 11:51 PM - No Replies


  Nexon's Kewl Graphics Update Beta Preview
Posted by: Ninja66 - 11-17-2016, 11:06 PM - No Replies


  Virtual Evolution Announcements: 10/9/16 MAJOR CROSSFIRE HACKS COMEBACK!
Posted by: Ninja66 - 10-08-2016, 10:57 PM - Replies (4)

First of all, the wait is finally over! Crossfire hacks are now back online and fully tested as undetected! Big Grin

Crossfire VIPs:
I will begin the process of giving everyone their days and extensions. Please note that I will be doing this manually one by one, so please be patient and I will get through every single one of you. I prepared 2 cans of sodas for the night Tongue


New updates!
-Radar ESP
-More control on speed and jump hack
-Kill switch using f12
-Bug fixes
-FPS fixes for certain people

We will have a special event; however for it to work, only vips are able to participate. The rewards will be the top 3 people (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Event details will be posted soon!
~This affects both CF and CA~

Please do not use the shoutbox for support! I forgot other things I wanted to write....
CF VIPS NEED TO REDOWNLOAD THEIR LOADER! Fenix's loader will be offline, but Dias's loader will now handle our hacks!
Loader Download



  Crossfire came back
Posted by: Ninja66 - 10-01-2016, 06:48 PM - Replies (18)

Crossfire came back